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Our Eye Doctor Testimonials

"I get so many compliments from wearing my glasses. I want to say thank you to Meagan for helping me choose my lenses & helping me with my fit. Very friendly people."
Michael A.

"The technician that did my tests was very nice and efficient. Dr. Givens, as usual, was very professional and thorough with checkup. If not for him I probably would not return to the office. I appreciate his expertise and trust him to take care of my visual needs."
Judith W.

"The BEST place in Lancaster County to have your eye health checked - always friendly and very professional"
Barbara G.

"Arrived early, paper work done in a timely manner. Seen by the doctor soon after that, so I actually had no wait time."
Donna N.

"I have been going to Dr. Womer for many years. She always gives me a thorough exam and I am always satisfied with my new glasses afterwards. She is a happy, competent doctor and many of my family goes to her."
Margaret F.

"Our entire family has been using Campus Eye for several years and we trust them completely. They are thorough yet quick and very good with our kids. "
Jeremy C.

"I was taken on time, Dr. Kott handled the refraction smoothly and gave me a prescription immediately. Dr. Givens was pleasant and went through the exam thoroughly. It was a good experience."
John W.

"I found your personnel to be very professional and helpful. I believe, in my opinion I have better care there than at Wills Eye E.R in Philadelphia. Dr. Klombers figured out my condition within 5 minutes of my first visit."
Robert C.

"Campus Eye Center has been our "eye center" for quite a few years. It is convenient and our experience there is what would mean we would not change .... the caring staff and Dr. Givens make us feel very comfortable."
Anne W.

"This was by far the most comprehensive and thorough eye exam I have ever had. I feel very confident in the professionalism of the doctors and staff of The Campus Eye Center. I can see clearly why I was referred to you!"
Margaret D.

"Everyone was courteous and friendly. The staff were patient and understanding with my daughter and appeared to be genuinely glad to provide her care."
Madelyn R.

"Dr. Klombers is a quiet, soft-spoken man who quickly assesses the problem and proposes the solution. After a stroke about 8 years ago, I was left with a severe double vision problem, corrected inadequately by very thick glasses. I was examined by Dr. Klombers who recommended minor surgery to "re-aim" my eyes to remove the double vision. I had the procedure and tossed those thick glasses in the recycle bin. Now six years later, advancing age (I'm 73) began to cause deterioration to my vision, which was fixed by Dr. Klombers with a minor change to the prescription for my eyeglasses. He's just very competent and pleasant to work with. Simply the best."
Charles S.

"Dr Klombers is very nice, soft spoken, caring and full of knowledge; the staffs are pleasant and cheerful."
Sovannary T.

"Dr. Klombers was amazing with my son! Highly recommended!"
Alyssa G.

"Highly recommended, Dr. Klombers is a great doctor and the rest of the staff were very nice and helpful."
Ryan B.

"Staff was wonderful and patient with my 23 month old. We were given lots of information, options and opportunities to ask questions."
Tessa C.

Campus Eye Center is an exceptional eye center with experienced eye doctors, Ophthalmogists and Optometrists, in Lancaster, PA. We offer total vision care including contact lenses and revolutionary Lasik eye surgery at our eye and laser center.

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