Proper Contact Lens Care Starts with an Exam in Lancaster, PA

Close-up of a man holding a transparent contact lens on his fingerContact lenses can be an excellent alternative to glasses. You don’t have to worry about contacts fogging up with temperature changes and can wear any sunglasses you want with them. But, wearing contacts does pose a risk if not worn and cared for properly. Before searching for a “contact lens exam in Lancaster, PA,” you should know how to wear, clean, and maintain contacts correctly. By following these instructions, you can ensure your eyes remain healthy.

Essential Vision Care for Contacts

When you wear contact lenses, there are a few basic rules to keep your eyes healthy. First, you’ll need to keep all of your follow-up appointments after the initial fitting and schedule routine eye exams. When you need a contact lens exam in Lancaster, PA, look no further than Campus Eye Center. We can help schedule your eye exam and contact lens fitting. Regular follow-up appointments ensure your lenses fit properly and your prescription remains up to date.

Other primary care for wearing contact lenses includes making sure you don’t shower, swim, use or do anything where water gets in the eyes while wearing your contacts. Water and contacts don’t mix, so we recommend removing your contacts before participating in any water-based activities.

It’s also vital if you wear daily contacts that you don’t sleep in them. And remember, always call your doctor should you experience any issues like redness or burning that don’t resolve after removing the contact lens.

How to Properly Wear Contact Lenses

Inserting and removing soft contact lenses requires that you follow a specific process:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water. The soap should not contain any perfumes or lotion, and make sure you dry your hands with a lint-free cloth.
  2. Carefully remove the contact from the lens case and inspect it. Please make sure there are no tears or dirt and that it is oriented correctly. A properly oriented contact will form a U shape, and if it’s the wrong way, you’ll see flared edges.
  3. Place the contact lens on the tip of your pointer finger. Using the middle finger of the same hand, pull down your bottom eyelid. Use the pointer finger of your opposite hand to pull up your top eyelid. Look up, and gently place the contact in the whites of your eye. Release the bottom lid first and look down to assist with positioning the lens. Release the upper eyelid and blink a few times. Discard the used solution.
  4. If you experience redness, secretions, blurring, or pain, remove the contact lens immediately—if symptoms go away, clean and reinsert the lens. If not, call your eye doctor.
  5. When you are ready to remove the contact lens, rewash your hands.
  6. Look up, and pull down on the lower eyelid with the middle finger of your removing hand. Use the pointer finger of the opposite hand to pull up on the upper eyelid. Lightly press your finger to the lower edge of the contact lens. Slide the lens down to the lower white region of your eye, and gently squeeze the lens with your thumb and pointer finger.

Cleaning Your Contact Lens

After removing your contact lens, it’s essential to clean it properly. Ask your eye care professional which cleaning solution is best for your lens and eye health. Follow all instructions provided by your doctor, the contact lens manufacturer, and the contact lens solution.

Place the used contact lens in the palm of your hand and rinse it with the contact lens solution by gently rubbing it, even if you use a no-rub solution. Place a few drops of fresh solution in the bottom of the contact case and place your contact inside. Fill the remainder of the case with new solution and put the lid on the case.

Contact Lens Case Care

It’s also crucial that you clean your contact lens case regularly. Use the same sterile contact lens solution that you use to clean your contacts. Don’t use tap water since it can contain bacteria that will remain on your case and potentially get in your eye. After thoroughly rinsing, let it air dry on a lint-free towel. Replace the contact lens case every three months or more often if it gets damaged.

Maintaining Your Contacts

At your contact lens exam in Lancaster, PA, you will get recommendations for when to replace your lenses. Each lens and patient is different, so be sure to follow your doctor’s care instructions for wearing contacts.

It’s important that you only use the recommended contact lens solution to clean and disinfect your contacts. Never use spit, water, saline, or rewetting drops to clean or disinfect your contacts. If you drop a lens when inserting or removing it, ensure you properly clean and disinfect it before reinserting or storing it in the contact lens case.

Schedule Your Contact Lens Exam in Lancaster, PA

The most crucial step in maintaining your eye health and contact lenses is keeping your yearly appointment with a vision care professional. When you schedule your contact lens exam in Lancaster, PA, with Campus Eye Center, we will update your prescription, if necessary. We will also do the proper tests to ensure your eyes are healthy.

Wearing contact lenses should be a pleasure and not a pain, which is why Campus Eye Center takes your concerns seriously and provides the best possible care for you. Schedule your eye exam today to keep your contacts and eyes healthy.