6 Tips from Your Pediatric Eye Doctor to Prepare Your Child for Glasses

A pediatric optometrist places a pair of eyeglasses on a young girlOne of the most common questions parents ask their pediatric eye doctor is, “How do I keep my child’s glasses on their face?” Here at Campus Eye Center, we can help with this issue and believe in taking a proactive approach. One of the best ways to prevent your child from removing their glasses is by preparing them for their first pair before they get them. By following these six tips, your child will be excited and ready to wear their new glasses.

1.      Explain How Glasses Will Improve Their Vision

Many children with vision issues don’t realize the difference between clear and poor vision, so they may not recognize the difficulties poor vision causes them. You must explain to your child how glasses will improve their vision by providing examples of the challenges from their poor vision.

For example, if your child needs to sit close to the TV to see, explain that glasses will allow them to sit comfortably on the couch to enjoy their favorite TV show or movie (and lessen digital eye strain). If they are having problems seeing the front board in class, eyeglasses will allow them to stay seated at their desk and not have to move to the front of the classroom.

2.      Show Your Child Examples of People Who Wear Glasses

Children often have heroes or heroines in their lives. Children look up to others, whether family members, neighbors, friends, celebrities, or even fictional characters. If there is one person who your child adores and wears glasses, make this connection for them. A grandparent, favorite aunt, or characters like Harry Potter or Velma from Scooby-Doo are excellent role models who wear eyeglasses.

3.      Tell Them What to Expect at Their Eye Exam

Once you’ve established with your child how glasses will help them see better and their role models who wear glasses, the next step is to prepare them for their eye exam. Fear of the unknown can scare adults, and children are no different. You know that healthy vision starts with an eye exam, but pediatric eye doctors use many machines that can look scary the first time your child sees them.

If you are due for a vision exam, it may be helpful to have your child accompany you to see the machines and how they work. If it’s been several years or you’ve never had an eye exam for your child, read this guide for answers to your biggest questions about pediatric eye exams.

4.      Visit an Experienced Pediatric Eye Doctor

Pediatric eye exams are necessary for healthy vision for your child. Use an experienced pediatric eye doctor, like Dr. Katie Andrews at Campus Eye Center.

Dr. Andrews knows how important it is to detect vision problems in your child. If your child’s refractive error isn’t treated for long enough, they can lose vision or develop amblyopia (lazy eye). Our comprehensive approach to pediatric eye care can make the experience fun and help prevent future vision issues.

5.      Allow Your Child to Help Pick Their First Pair of Glasses

Dr. Katie Andrews with her pediatric patientAfter preparing your child for their eye exam and seeing a pediatric eye doctor, it’s time for your child to pick out their glasses. When you allow your child to have a say in their eyeglasses, it can encourage them to wear them regularly.

As you guide their choice in eyewear, seriously consider buying any option your child likes. If your child loves a pair of glasses that you didn’t picture for them—like sparkly neon orange ones—don’t dismiss the choice. It might save you many struggles down the road. Also, make sure the glasses fit correctly, as an improper fit will be uncomfortable and make your child not want to wear their glasses.

6.      Teach Your Child Proper Eyeglass Care

Now that your child has their first pair of glasses, it’s time to establish routines to get them used to wearing their glasses when needed and safely securing them when not in use. Try these helpful suggestions:

  • Allow your child to decorate their glasses’ case or even a shoebox where they can store their case. A fun place to store their glasses will help remind your child that glasses are expensive, valuable, and need to be cared for properly.
  • Encourage children to use two hands when putting on their glasses or removing them.
  • Set up a morning cleaning routine to help them see clearly.

By encouraging them to take responsibility and care for their eyeglasses, you can help make wearing glasses more enjoyable.

Campus Eye Center is Your Pediatric Eye Care Center

We know that your child’s eye care is important to you. And getting your child the proper vision care they need is vital to us. When you trust your child’s eye health to Campus Eye Center, you know that they will receive the best possible eye care. We’ll do our best to ensure your child leaves happy and ready to wear their first pair of glasses that they will love. Contact us today to schedule your child’s eye exam and get started!